The new Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter, recently launched in New Zealand, has made its debut at the exclusive Orakei Marina in Hobson Bay, Auckland. Three Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter systems have been installed in the marina carpark’s Northern, Central and Southern catchment areas, treating stormwater runoff from a total of 11,790m² of grass and paving.

Orakei Marina is Auckland’s latest marina development, boasting 172 prime berths. Since the 1980’s, many development groups have failed to gain consent to build a marina on the Okahu Landing site, but Orakei Marina Development Ltd submitted a proposal which met all the statutory criteria and gained approval to commence construction early in 2005.

Orakei Marina’s design incorporates environmental principles to ensure minimal disruption to the sensitive ecology of the area. In choosing a system to treat stormwater runoff from the marina’s carpark, Orakei Marina Development Ltd looked for a product which would achieve optimal treatment levels in this high traffic area. “Surface grit and oil from the carpark would be very damaging to the environment if simply washed into the sea,” said Tony Mair, Project Director for Orakei Marina Development Ltd. “The Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter proved to be an efficient and economical solution, able to cope with the high flow rate of stormwater expected in the carpark’s catchment areas.”

The Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter offers unrivalled performance in stormwater filtration. The system combines a patented upward flow path with a unique Drain Down system to achieve the highest possible removal efficiencies of fine sediments, nutrients, metals, oils, organics and bacteria. The system is designed to remove more than 90% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) with a mean particle size of 20 microns (0.02mm). The Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter has recently been accepted by the Auckland Regional Council (ARC) as achieving 75% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal.

The internal components of the Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter have been developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and full-scale testing to maximise flow distribution while minimising short-circuiting through the filter media. This resulted in achieving the highest filtration rates available with minimal head loss requirements. Each individual filter module can be engineered to have an unprecedented treatment flow rate of up to 1.6 l/s or higher depending on the media combination and performance requirements.

A small footprint, modular design and high flow rate distinguish the Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter’s from conventional downflow and radial flow stormwater filtration devices. The resulting reduction in size of the concrete chamber means the complete installed system is more cost effective than conventional stormwater filters for the same flow rate.

The Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter’s multiple treatment capabilities – settling, screening and filtration – combined with simple installation and ease of maintenance make it the most effective and economical stormwater treatment system available. From a simple retrofit application to standard manhole configurations or even large vault systems, the Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter is the future of stormwater treatment.