Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter

The Up-Flo™ Filter is a high rate, modular system that combines a patented upward flow path with a unique drain down system.

Designed to meet the most stringent stormwater regulations by targeting a wide range of pollutants including gross debris, fine sediments, nutrients, metals, oils and grease.

ecoStop™Oil-Spill Control System

The Hynds ecoStop™ spill control system is a secure and reliable hydrocarbon spill management system suitable for any site with a potential for spills.

The system can detect and respond to spills automatically, thereby minimising the chance of failures caused by human error or lack of responsiveness.

ecoSep™ Oil-Water Separator

The Hynds ecoSep™ oil-water separator is a below ground device that permanently separates oil from water. The device prevents the formation of most emulsified oils within the unit. Performance of the Hynds ecoSep™ oil-water separator is proven by independent testing authorities to exceed the strict European standards for the separation of free non-emulsified oil from…


Flovac Vacuum Systems

Hynds Environmental is the authorised installer of Flovac Systems for Aquate Limited. Vacuum Systems are ideal for sewage reticulation systems where infiltration is a concern, flat areas with a high water table, or areas with difficult ground conditions. Vacuum systems are an alternative to traditional deep gravity sewer networks, multiple pump stations, or grinder pump…


Hynds Lifestyle Domestic Wastewater System

Hynds Lifestyle Systems are an elite range or aerated wastewater systems that offer environmentally sensitive alternatives to the septic tank. The ‘Lifestyle’ systems combine cutting edge electronic technology with traditional treatment methods to provide a clean, odourless liquid suitable for sustainable irrigation of landscaped gardens, bushes or trees. Available in single or multiple tank models…