Hynds Lifestyle Elite

The Hynds LIfestyle™ ‘Elite’ System has the same specifications as the ‘Advanced’ system but has been upgraded to maximise Total Nitrogen (TN) removal. The ‘Elite’ System seperates the primary and secondary treatment process into two large tanks.
The increased tank volumes also offer protection against high surge flows that can restrict the performance of the system. Landscaping ideas for lifestyle systems (PDF)
Testimonials (PDF)
Hynds Lifestyle Tank irrigation filter cleaning (PDF)

Advantages and Features

  • Households of up to 15 occupants
  • Maximum daily flow of 3000 litres per day
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • No cross contamination of chambers
  • Two tank system
  • Tank capacity of 13,000 litres
  • Quiet and economic operation
  • Simple IP rated control and alarm system