Hynds Retention Tank with Mul-T-Level™ Outlet

Hynds Retention Tanks are available in two formats: Ring joint, internal base or flanged base type.

RJ type: Comprising reinforced concrete pipes with rubber ring joints.The RJ retention tank usually comprises a spigot – plugged pipe, standard intermediate pipes and a collar-plugged pipe. The spigot and collar plugs are factory cast to ensure water tightness and integrity.
A manhole offtake is factory fitted to one or more pipes to provide easy access for maintenance, etc.
R J type retention tanks are usually used where the location allows for the installation of a long narrow tank.

IB or FB Type: Comprising Hynds internal base or flanged base manhole risers and a precast concrete lid.
The IB or FB retention tanks are usually used where the site is square or circular in shape PVC slip coupler and Hynds Mut-T-Level™ outlet cast in or fitted at time of manufacture.
The Mul-T-Level™ outlet enables the tank to be used for both detention and retention. The retention volume is set by fitting the lowest orifice some way up the Mul-T-Level™ outlet.