Hynds SAF Commercial System

The Hynds Submerged Aerated Filtration (SAF) system is an advanced wastewater treatment process utilising proven technology to process wastewater to a level that can be used to irrigate the surrounding gardens, bush or trees. SAF technology incorporates primary anaerobic treatment followed by secondary submerged aerated filtration to reduce the organic loading of wastewater, producing an effluent quality typically better than
20mg/L BOD5 and 20mg/L suspended solids. The SAF commercial system is suitable for any large residential or commercial developments requiring wastewater treatment, not connected to the municipal sewer mains.

Advantages and Features

  • Utilises proven technology
  • Small footprint design
  • Modular design to suit varying capacities
  • Protection for the system against surges or uneven flows
  • Effluent is easily disinfected
  • Fully designed by qualified engineers
  • Simple retrofit for the upgrading of an existing system
  • Alarmed system with full 24-hour emergency storage capacity
  • Installed and fully maintained by trained personnel
  • Low operation and maintenance costs