Hynds Up-Flo Filter

The Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter is a high rate, modular system that combines a patented upward flow path with a unique drain down system. Designed to meet the most stringent stormwater regulations by targeting a wide range of pollutants including gross debris, fine sediments, nutrients, metals, oils and grease.

The multiple treatment capabilities of the Up-Flo™ Filter (settling, screening, and filtration) makes it one of the most effective and economical stormwater treatment systems available.
From a simple retrofit application to standard manhole configurations, or even large vaulted system installations, the Up-Flo™ Filter is the next generation of stormwater treatment.

The high removal efficiencies and low headloss of the Hynds Up-Flo™ Filter allows for a small installation footprint, making it a compact and economical solution for non-point source pollution control.

Advantages and Features

  • Removes >90% TSS with a mean particle size of 20 microns
  • Accepted by the ARC for 75% TSS removal
  • Sized to treat >80% of all stormwater annually
  • Low head requirements
  • High flow rates
  • Small footprint
  • Versatile modular design
  • Removes sediment, floatables, oils and grease
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance